10 Reasons to Donate to Godman Guild during THE BIG GIVE


Here are 10 amazing reasons your donation will support our mission to build better neighborhoods – one person, one family at a time.

1. Provide Resources, support and opportunities for lifelong learning to adults in our community.

Godman Guild provides Adult Education classes for adults seeking their GED and other career credentials such as Serve SAFE training and Customer Service.


2. Support extended school day services to students at Weinland Park Elementary in grades K-5.

The A.C.E.S. After school program partners with Weinland Park Elementary to offer school day support to teachers and administrators, as well as offering hands-on after school programming. A.C.E.S. focuses curriculum on reading/language arts, STEM and social skill development.

3. Offer a comprehensive youth development program for middle and high school-aged youth in Weinland Park.

R.I.S.E, in collaboration with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Columbus, prepares youth for success and empowers them to become productive, caring and responsible community members.

4.Provide disadvantaged youth a holistic summer learning experience that will set each child up for success in the upcoming school year and beyond.

S.Y.E.P. incorporates the social skill building of a typical summer camp experience with an academic bridge focusing on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) curriculum that ensures that our campers do not lose academic ground gained throughout the year.

5. Empower individuals in Central, Ohio to become self-sufficient by obtaining and maintaining living wage employment.

Through our Economic Development programs adults gain the skills and opportunities needed to be successful in the world of permanent, full time work.

Ropes Course

6. Promote change and growth for at –risk youth through a therapeutic, out-door adventure-based program.

Wilderness Bond is an opportunity for youth to gain self-esteem, problem solving, communication, trust and conflict resolution in a creative learning environment.


7. Increase opportunities for community members ages 16-24 to gain work readiness training and paid internship placement.


KEYS Summer Internship Program focuses on building crucial job skills such as interdependence, interviewing and soft skills and internship placement through partnerships with Central, Ohio employers.


8. Create a place where Weinland Park community members can garden and foster a sense of community ownership and belonging.

The Weinland Park Community Garden provides residents the opportunity to come together and enjoy healthy food options while beautifying their community.


9. Encourage community members to become civically engaged in Central, Ohio and participate in the electoral process.

In support of the Get Out and Vote campaign, our mission is to inspire community members to take interest in the issues that affect their community and use their voice to make a change.

10. Inspire and propel those ready to create a better life.


Your donation will positively impact the lives of community members in Central Ohio and support all the programs and services we provide every day.