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Assistant Vice President of Workforce Development

Godman Guild is currently seeking an Assistant Vice President of Workforce Development to provide leadership, management, planning, support, and coordination for Godman Guild’s Workforce Development services that result in measurable impact on the agency’s ability to increase the social and economic mobility of individuals in Central Ohio.

The AVP of Workforce Development is responsible for coordinating a comprehensive array of adult programs and services across multiple locations and partner sites. The AVP of WFD will, in partnership with the Chief Program Officer, provide leadership and ongoing evaluation of agency WFD services and develop new WFD programs and services to meet the employment needs of the community.


The AVP of WFD is responsible for:

a. Managing WFD program services and operations.

i. Facilitate and manage Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with WFD employer partners and partner agencies.

ii. Engage in WFD partner meetings and collaborative initiatives.

iii. Integrate program services across the agency, with employers, and with community partners.

iv. Facilitate partnerships with other education and workforce providers.

b. Integrating the delivery of WFD services across the following agency workforce development program areas:

i. Employment Services

ii. Adult Education

iii. Summer Youth Employment Services

c. Maintaining ongoing communication and reporting with the Chief Program Officer about opportunities, challenges, and practices.

i. Implement and lead a continuous quality improvement process throughout the program and service areas, focusing on systems/process improvement and meeting strategic and funder outcomes.

ii. Partner with the CEO and CPO to publicly represent the Guild with the media and external constituency groups including community, government, and private organizations to support marketing efforts.

d. Ensuring the continued financial viability of WFD programs through sound fiscal management.

i. Implement and manage WFD program budgets in conjunction with the CFO and CPO.

ii. Facilitate, manage, and sustain formal and collaborative relationships with funding agencies, including Aspire and employer partners.

iii. Manage program budgets and related funding outcomes.

iv. Support the CPO and other leadership in planning, organizing, and implementing public and private fund-raising initiatives.

v. Work with the CPO to apply for and manage grants, fee for service contracts, and other funding for workforce development programs.

e. Ensuring that WFD programs and services are in compliance with all federal, state, and local government regulations, certifications, and licensing requirements.

f. Supporting the CPO and other leadership in planning, organizing, and implementing public and private fund-raising initiatives.

i. Must be able to effectively determine the needs of employers and align WFD program services to meet those needs.

  • Experience and Education

  • Bachelor’s Degree in a related field is required.

  • Requires a minimum of three years of experience in a management/supervisory position.

  • Experience managing employment programming and employer relationships.

  • Ability to speak other languages is preferred.

  • Current certification in first aid and CPR is required (will be provided).

  • Requires intermediate computer skills and experience using office equipment.

  • Requires the ability to pass a criminal background check per State of Ohio requirements.

  • Must possess a valid driver’s license with no major or DUI offenses in the past five years.

  • COVID Vaccine is required

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