Camp Counselor- Camp Mary Orton


Discovery Day Camp and Adventure Academy at Camp Mary Orton are week-long day camps that includes cooperative games and team-building initiatives, crafts and creativity, nature based exploration through hiking, creeking, and natural shelter building; Adventure Academy also includes high adventure elements (such as a climbing wall, zip-line, and ropes course). The Counselors take leadership in ensuring that the camp is successful and enjoyable to all campers, and that activities are a positive learning experience.

  • Loves of kids and being outdoors

  • Understanding how to communicate and work with children 6-14 years old

  • For Adventure Academy- Ability to work with our trained facilitators to lead various adventure education activities (e.g. climbing wall)

  • The desire and ability to work in a cooperative, team-oriented atmosphere

  • Lots of enthusiasm, coupled with patience, a great sense of humor and self-control


  • Meet minimum age requirement of 17 years old by June 6, 2021.

  • Pass an Ohio Criminal Background check

  • Completion of high school diploma

  • CPR/FA certification (offered free)

  • Availability to attend Training during the week / two weeks prior to start of camp that includes; Successfully ‘checking out’ on how to familiarize themselves adventure elements (e.g. climbing wall, zipline) and to provide all safety guidelines to campers

  • Availability to work DDC: Mon-Wed 8:00am-4:00pm; AA: Mon-Wed 8:30am-4:30pm, Thu 8:30am-8:30pm, Fri 8:30am-12:30pm

Candidates will be selected as a group and may work in different camps different weeks.

  • Take primary responsibility for health, well-being and happiness of campers

  • Make connections with campers and develop meaningful relationships

  • Demonstrate concern for the social adjustment of each camper

  • Provide opportunities for the group so each camper can experience success in activities

  • Actively manage camper behavior, assess its appropriateness, assure all safety procedures are maintained and apply age appropriate management techniques when necessary

  • Engage parents/guardians at drop off and pick up to establish a sense of connection

  • Be able to tell parent/guardian individual camper accomplishments each day

  • Encourage respect for fellow campers, personal property, camp equipment and facilities

  • Understand and implement emergency procedures in any potential minor or major situations

  • Present a positive example at all times and understanding that poor behavior can have lasting impact on campers

  • Enjoy nature and be able to have fun in the outdoors

  • Exhibit a level of athleticism for safe participation in adventure elements

  • Communicate regularly with CMO/ Camp leadership regarding any issues, concerns or challenges, as well as any pertinent updates on campers

  • Actively participate in daily staff check-in and debrief meetings

  • Ability to support and model COVID-19 Safety practices

  • Submit all paperwork and database updates on a timely basis

The Four Most Important Qualities all Counselors must possess:

  • An understanding that campers always come first

  • A willingness to be silly if that is what it takes to make campers smile

  • An ability to recognize and acknowledge success (e.g. give ‘warm fuzzies) to all campers on a daily basis, and

  • An endless supply of energy coupled with a desire to have FUN!!!