Career Bridges: Bridging the Gap between a low-income workforce and employers who lack qualified applicants. 

What is Career Bridges?

Career Bridges is a modern approach to workforce development. All too often the skills of Central Ohio job seekers don't align with available employment opportunities. Career Bridges aims to bridge the gap between under and unemployed Central Ohioans and employers who lack qualified candidates.   

Learn more about the impact Career Bridges is having on Central Ohioans 

What to Expect

In order to bridge the gap Career Bridges is an immersive 8-week course focused on providing a specific set of skills that align with available entry-level positions at major Central Ohio employers. Participants receive contextualized math and reading skills, receive a national certification in Customer Service and spend two weeks in on the job shadowing. To support participants on this journey Godman Guild provides each participant with a $1,000 learning grant.   

Do you think your company is the right fit for Career Bridges? Here how it has impacted OhioHealth and let us know your interest. 

Real Impact

Careers earned through Career Bridges are designed to help individuals create social and economic mobility. Godman Guild intentionally partners with companies whose minimum wage is $15/hr or above. For an individual working a minimum wage job this represents over $14,000 per year in new income. Additionally, for many participants a job through Career Bridges will be their first opportunity to earn full benefits including holidays and paid time off.  

Do you think Career Bridges can spark change in your life? Watch Fuquan's story about Career Bridges and learn how to register. 





Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm

Saturday - Sunday Closed


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