Part of our mission is provided at Camp Mary Orton, which enables campers to explore nature and personal development as part of their growth to adulthood. For more information, please visit: or www.campmaryorton.orgThe DDC Director is responsible for the day to day operation of the Discovery Day Camp, including curriculum implementation and counselor supervision.

Essential Responsibilities

- Participate in pre-camp staff recruiting and activity planning.

- Participate in pre-camp training May 31- June 3, June 6 – 10, 2022

- Camp runs weekdays, June 13 through August 5, 2022

- Typically requires 45 hours per week during the camp season

- Limited opportunities for time off during camp season

- Implement camp activities related to each week’s theme, including nature exploration, games, crafts, awards and recognitions, and other activities from the DDC curriculum provided by the Youth Camps Supervisor.

- Collaborate with lead counselor, counselors, and the Youth Camps Supervisor to deliver a safe, friendly, and high-energy adventure program to enrolled campers.

- Be a good steward of CMO resources so that the program remains within its assigned budget.

- Collect and organize camper and counselor records.

- Create group rosters, assign group counselors and perform other administrative tasks.

- Ongoing evaluation of counselors, giving and listening to feedback.

- Take primary responsibility for the health, well-being and happiness of campers.

- Follow camp health protocols related to COVID-19 and monitor compliance by campers and camp staff

- Assist with urgent behavioral needs of campers.

- Run an organized check-in and check-out process.

- Engage with parents and the Youth Camps Supervisor regarding concerns, challenges and pertinent updates on campers.

- Submit all paperwork in a timely manner, including incident reports.

- Monitor and respond to the DDC cell phone and email account.

- Lead by setting a good example for counselors and campers.

- Conduct daily check-in meetings with staff

- Maintain CPR/First Aid training

- Ensure that staff are maintaining the organization of DDC materials and the cleanliness of DDC program areas

- Perform other duties as assigned

Vaccine required; Mask policy for 2022 TBD