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ESOL Instructor, Evening - Part time


We are currently seeking a part time ESOL Instructor for classes 3 evenings per week for 12hours per week (12 hours per week classroom time, 3 hours per week prep). The emphasis is on classroom students who are mixed levels.
Classroom time is Monday through Wednesday, 4pm-7pm.

Responsibilities and Duties

The main responsibilities of the ESOL Instructor is to provide educational and transitional services for clients seeking to enhance English language skills including listening, speaking, reading, writing and knowledge of U.S. culture.

The focus of this position provides educational leadership to students in classroom, small group, individual settings and online, with

a) Developing, planning and supervising all instructional/educational activities of students either individually, in small groups and whole groups based on appropriate learning styles, disabilities, and special needs of the individual and/or group;

b) Interpreting entry-level academic performance test and other assessment data to prescribe a program of learning for each student;

c) Counseling students in the development of short and long range educational goals and following the developed plan to retain students until the learner centered goals are achieved;

d) Maintaining a clean, safe, welcoming, organized, attractive, and relaxed environment where students may feel secure and receptive to learning;

e) Planning, preparing, completing and implementing the daily and weekly lesson plans, including teaching small and large group instruction in computer literacy, speaking, listening, reading and/or writing.

f) Monitoring, evaluating and describing outcomes and achievements of student activities

Qualifications and Skills

Requires a Bachelor’s degree and a minimum of 2 years of teaching or adult tutoring experience.

- A valid teaching certificate or Adult Education permit and previous experience with ESOL adult learners is strongly preferred.

- Requires working knowledge of Microsoft word processing programs, google apps, and office equipment. 

Physical and Mental Requirements: Must be able to lift, push and/or carry up to ten pounds (i.e., text books, carts, etc.); multitask and prioritize with competing deadlines; ability to perform duties, show patience and answer questions gracefully with frequent interruptions; review, analyze, remember and manipulate information for classroom instruction; observe and interpret facial expressions and gestures; listen and communicate verbally in a variety of formal and informal settings; and operate office equipment.

Job Type: Part-time

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