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GED Programming

In light of COVID-19, Godman Guild is committed to continuing to provide GED classes safely and responsibly. Currently all classes are held remotely with digital access to information and support.

Godman Guild is proud to serve as Central Ohio's largest community based provider of GED programming. Currently Godman Guild offers GED programming in Weinland Park, Franklinton, Reeb Avenue and numerous other locations in Columbus and Franklin County. These classes are designed to meet students where they are on their academic journey. In addition to supporting students in the classroom 4 days per week, Godman Guild offers personalized tutoring support.

In addition to academic support, Godman Guild provides students with support in determining career pathways in order to help students achieve their goals of going on to post-secondary education, obtaining better employment or strengthening their language arts and math skills. Godman Guild provides these services and GED testing free of charge to any student who completes orientation and pre-testing.

Orientations and pre-testing are held regularly throughout the year. For more information regarding GED programming, please contact Pamela Brown at

GED Programming
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