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Godman Guild Association is on a mission to provide programs that enhance the social and economic mobility of individuals and families in Central Ohio.
The Guild has been proudly serving the Columbus community for over 125 years. We ignite futures to power work, with one goal: IMPACT.


Godman Guild Association was founded in 1898 by Ms. Anna B. Keagle. Her undying passion to make her community a better place and commitment to her community began long before Godman Guild Association was established: she a was Sunday school teacher. Upon discovering that all her students had been arrested and taken to jail, Ms. Keagle decided to take action; she refused to be part of a community where children were incarcerated. Ms. Keagle worked to develop a holistic approach for community development and, as a result, Godman Guild Association was created to promote strong families and a strong community.

Today, Godman Guild Association focuses on Youth and Family Empowerment and Workforce Development: two areas aligning with Ms. Keagle’s original mission to create strong families and a strong community. Supporting Godman Guild are Camp Mary Orton and Blue Bow Tie Catering.


The Godman Guild Association aims to be a premier provider of workforce development programming where we create pathways to thriving careers.

The Godman Guild Association as it is today shares one crucial trait with its earliest iteration: a commitment to enriching Columbus communities, and challenging them to be their best. Accordingly, Godman Guild Association continues to implement new and creative strategies to ensure that communities and their residents are always moving forward. We strive to create generations of educated, empowered citizens.

We are a settlement house, Evolved! 

Our work is centered around the pillars of Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, and our services are designed through a Trauma-Responsive approach.

We are driven by our four Core Values:





Diversity makes the Guild and our community strong; our Board of Trustees, staff, program participants, and volunteers come from many walks of life and reflect the many perspectives that make up our community.

Equity is making sure everyone in the community has fair treatment and access in order to reach their full potential, while also recognizing that each person has different circumstances, resources, abilities, and opportunities needed to reach an equal outcome.

Inclusion provides a sense of belonging, strengthens our community, and is essential to what we do.

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