Workforce Development

Workforce Development

Godman Guild’s Workforce Development programs are designed to allow individuals to obtain the education, training, and certifications needed to be successful in today’s workforce, reach a living and then thriving wage and create their unique path to success.
Our programs offer a comprehensive array of courses, assessments, and services to meet the needs of individuals, community partners, and employers across Central Ohio.

Work Readiness Academy

At the Guild’s Work Readiness Academy individuals can establish a firm foundation to build successful careers through workshops and our cornerstone 8-week cohort program.

Adult Literacy & Education

Our adult literacy and education programs, in partnership with Ohio Department of Education ASPIRE, provide you with the language, reading, and math skills needed to earn a high school equivalency certificate, enter college, or obtain a job.


Godman Guild offers training and certification courses through the National Retail Federation (NRF) Foundation RISE Up to clients, employees of our community, and employer partners. Our goal is to provide foundational employability skillsets to help secure jobs with plans of promotion in retail and beyond. 

Career Bridges

Connect to workplace training services in healthcare, customer service, and retail.

Support Services

All of our Workforce Development programs are supported by the Client Success Team.

Receive personal coaching, resume & interview prep, and direct referrals to employers compatible with your experience, skillset, and career goals.

As a Guilder, you also receive career placement services through our partnership with YUPRO Placement (Yeah Up Professional Placement). YUPRO Placement advocates for you as a leader in Skills First Hiring and supports you in securing and thriving in your new career journey. 

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