Work Readiness Academy

Work Readiness Academy


The Work Readiness Academy™ is designed to pull out your genius and help you shine at work. This 8-week program is focused on getting you work-ready through training, industry-recognized credentials, wrap-around services, executive coaching, career navigation, and upskilling support.

WRA Workshops

  • Signature workshops aimed to equip individuals with key needs for understanding the world of work and how they fit into it and focus on the person rather than skills
  • Personal Assessments on attitudes and behaviors and how individuals show up at work
  • How individuals thrive in a team and work culture
  • Career Planning: the journey to securing a thriving career


  • The cohort program is an 8-week intensive Work Readiness training that equips individuals with the professional skills they need to excel at work and build an individualized plan to a thriving career.
  • Cohorts will explore who each individual is and how they show up at work, high quality customer service certifications and building career plans.
  • Job shadowing and experiential learning.
  • Next Cohort: Early 2024


  • The Guild is committed to cultivating a workforce of individuals Skilled Through Alternative Routes (STARs), which amounts to fifty percent of the U.S. workforce. This massive pool of talent is often overlooked by employers. By building this workforce up, the Guild facilitates individual mobility and community growth.
  • STARs deserve to craft their own career and build self-efficacy and the WRA is the catalyst to make it happen.

Dynamic Learning

The WRA delivers dynamic student experiences, a high percentage of completion and certification attainment, and a follow-up process that allows WRA graduates access to mentors, alumni, and opportunities to upskill.

Our collaborative employer partnership offerings expand STARs career options.

Our curriculum provides intensive training in professional skills development and collaborate with other training partners that specialize in high-impact training that support the career aspirations of our graduates.


Readiness = Retention


  • The WRA programs lead to retention of talent and growth of individuals within partner organizations.
  • The Guild’s support does not end once a STAR graduates. We provide continued mentorship, counseling, and career advice to guide each graduate on their unique career journey.
  • Partnering with our local businesses, the WRA has an employer-informed curriculum to develop workforce solutions that meet the current and future needs of our business community.


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