Youth & Family Education

Youth & Family Empowerment

Godman Guild’s Youth and Family Empowerment programs offer a balanced and comprehensive array of year-round programming to support youth as they develop academically, socially, and emotionally. The YFE programs are aimed to support our youth in career exploration and discovering their path. 


T.E.E.N. (Teen Education and Employment Network) offers year-round programming that includes after-school programming and summer employment training. T.E.E.N. focuses on building skills and individual pathways either to enter post-secondary education or the workforce.

IgniteU (fka A.C.E.S.)

IgniteU offers in-school supports and after-school programming on-site at Weinland Park Elementary School and Dominion Middle School. IgniteU enhances the student experience in grades K-8 and improves their academic outcomes and focuses on career discovery.

Support Services

All our Youth and Family Empowerment programs are supported by the Client Success Team. Families can attend workshops to engage in building their capacity to support student success and provide individualized student resources.

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